I am Maggie Love. I draw and paint pin ups. And monsters. And monster pinups.

I was born in 1983, in a town in Maine so tiny it can't be found on any maps. I grew up with the love of art and horror movies inherited from my mother, and loud music from my father. After being encouraged to create as much as possible--both artistically and personally--I moved to California in 2003, and from there worked to earn an apprenticeship with a tattoo shop . There I not only learned how to tattoo, but also about lowbrow art, dirty punks, psychobilly music, and just how important coffee can be.

   I've worked in tattoo shops on both sides of the country,  until I settled in the San Fernando Valley in 2010. From there I began working on retro-influenced paintings of creepy girls, mid century monsters, and other things that go bump in the night.

I draw zines filled with deadly dames and devilish advice, I paint monstrously fabulous burlesque beauties and make t shirts proudly proclaiming that we're all hell in high heels. Welcome to my world, and make sure you don't lose your head...