STARKGRAVINGMAD is the creative child of Margret Love. Born and raised in Maine, she grew up in a town so tiny it can't be found on any map. She grew up with the love of art and horror movies inherited from her mother, and vintage cartoons and loud music from her father. After being encouraged to create as much as possible--both artistically and personally--she moved to California in her early twenties, where her education in lowbrow art, tattoos, punk, black metal, and the deep importance of coffee began. STARKGRAVINGMAD is the culmination of all these things; it is the ongoing creative process that combines the aesthetic of classic horror comics with the themes of love, lust, monsters, and madmen. After all, who isn’t afraid of what goes bump in the night?


All art on this site was created by  Maggie Love. All rights are reserved.